Organic, fairtrade and now also sustainable. Grupo Iren’s bananas from Peru already have a paper fibre band that replaces the usual plastic one. This solution is part of our business model, which is responsible towards people and the environment and encourages us to progressively replace plastics with more environmentally friendly materials.  Get to know our work philosophy and discover a reliable and long-lasting travel companion.

GRUPO IREN is a Spanish multinational present in the Dominican Republic, Ecuador and the European Union. With a volume of 50,000 tonnes, it is one of the main distributors of organic and Fairtrade bananas in Europe.

With a trajectory of more than 10 years, GRUPO IREN is present in all the steps of the process of commercialization of the banana, offering to the client an integral alternative, with a philosophy of work that foments the innovation and the development from the producer to the consumer. We care every day to improve in all our processes, developing a business with a great ethical commitment to people and the environment in our business relationships.

Pollution by plastics is a very serious threat to the environment and people’s health. Every second 700 kilos of plastic are poured into our oceans. We drink and breathe microplastics and find them in many living things. To reverse this trend, new solutions are needed, such as those being developed by many companies such as GRUPO IREN to replace plastic packaging with other more sustainable, such as paper fiber.

As an ethically responsible company, GRUPO IREN innovates in its processes with the aim of achieving a business model that respects the environment and people’s health, is sustainable, efficient in the use of resources and has low polluting emissions.

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