“Organic Bananas”


“Organic Bananas”

In the age of information and the internet, Natur Bananas makes connectivity between the consumer and the producer possible.

By scanning the QR code of the label, the consumer or the trader will be able to obtain all the product information, know the location of the productive unit, the producer and his work team, the distribution company, etc. This guarantee of traceability is only possible thanks to the presence and control of GRUPO IREN over all the steps of the chain.

With this development, GRUPO IREN takes the first steps to guarantee traceability and food safety in the future using Blockchain technology.


Product: Organic Banana | Fair Trade Organic Banana
Origin: Ecuador and Dominican Republic
Weight: 18Kg, 13Kg and regular bag
Variety: Cavendish
Size: P17, P20 Premium
Category: 1


18Kg or 13Kg organic Banana

18Kg or 13Kg Fair Trade Banana

Banana Bag

Biodegradable Banana Bag