Producers of the We Are Femme label were visited by representatives of AB Banan Kompaniet, Dole’s subsidiary in Sweden, and Orsero, who were delighted with the plantations. Promoted by Iren Dominicana, the We Are Femme label identifies bananas from plantations in this country run by women in a climate of equality and respect. High quality fruit, without any increase in its usual price and an important mission: to make it possible for these women to consolidate their productive activity. An initiative that is as necessary as it is pioneering, to which more and more distributors, brands and consumers are adhering. And you, do you join We Are Femme? Find out more about this project and follow it on social media.

The We Are Femme label was born in 2018 as a pioneering initiative to identify, promote and guarantee the marketing of bananas produced by women who run their own plantations in the Dominican Republic.

The driving force behind the We Are Femme project was GRUPO IREN, a Spanish multinational specialized in the marketing of organic and fairtrade bananas from the Dominican Republic and Ecuador. An initiative that has already taken off as an independent label thanks to the work of women producers and their employees, distributors and customers. In this sense, the producers adhered to the program today provide several European brands that operate in markets around the world.

Without these distributors, who believe in the programme and sell the bananas with this label, the We Are Femme project would not be possible. A support that does not suppose any additional cost in the fruit and with which they are contributing so that these women continue being motors of growth and development in their communities, generating structural and sustainable changes that reduce the gender inequalities.

The We Are Femme project is not limited to guaranteeing the commercialization of fruit produced by entrepreneurial women in the Dominican Republic. Rather, it aims to take advantage of this empowerment of women so that each member of the project becomes a promoter of actions that improve the working conditions of its workers. Therefore, in order to be part of this initiative, there are a series of criteria and requirements that the productive units must comply with and that are aimed at four objectives: eliminating the wage gap based on gender; eradicating sexual harassment in the workplace; promoting the participation and empowerment of women and increasing the number of women in decision-making positions.

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