Iren Dominicana with the Ministry of Environment for the preservation of bees

Within the project BeeFriends, IREN Dominicana, our exporter created in collaboration with Grupo Banamiel, has donated to the Ministry of Environment of the country agricultural equipment for the sowing of lippias. These plants, which will be distributed among banana producers, provide food for our great pollinators: bees. This is an initiative of our Dando Frutos solidarity program, which also contributes to biological diversity by minimizing the negative impact of monoculture.

With the donation of agricultural equipment to the Ministry of Environment of the Dominican Republic, GRUPO IREN DOMINICANA has made it possible for an initial amount of 10,000 lippia plants to be distributed among banana producers, to which an additional amount will be added as needed.

GRUPO IREN promotes the BeeFriends project, which aims to create sustainable ecosystems that promote the protection and preservation of bees and other pollinators present in banana production. To this end, it provides spaces within the banana farms for the planting and maintenance of lippias that serve as food for the bees, as well as for the installation of hives that help the proper establishment of colonies.

This friendly practice with bees also promotes the biodiversity of the productive unit, a responsible action with the environment since it avoids the pernicious effects of monoculture. Agricultural production systems based on a single crop and the high use of external additives to increase their yield cause changes in the structure of the landscape and loss of biodiversity. This lack can be responsible for the rupture of the food chain of the fauna of the plantations and, at the same time, it is related to a greater frequency and scope of pest outbreaks.

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